3 Fun Glass Pipe Trends To Embrace For Your Store

22 November 2019
 Categories: Smoking, Blog


If you run a smoke shop, your job is to not only supply customers with the products that they need to enjoy a good smoking session, but to also provide your customers with trending and useful products. Glass pipes have come a long way over the years, and there are a variety of different style trends you should consider for carrying these products in your store. Read this article to learn about three new pipe trends that could help increase business and sales in your smoke shop.

Trend #1: Animal Shapes

The first trend you should consider embracing is animal shapes. Animal shaped glass pipes are great because not only are they unique and fun, they are also functional as well. Animal shaped glass pipes come in a wide selection of animals, from cats and turtles to rabbits and elephants. Most animals have likely had a glass pipe made in its honor so you will have a wide variety to choose from.

With animal shaped glass pipes, you will also get customers that purchase the glass pipes for functionality, as well as customers that purchase the pipes for collection purposes. Choosing animal pipes in bright, flashy colors can also attract more customers.

Trend #2: Glitter Pipes

Keep in mind that guys are not the only people who like to smoke. Women love to smoke as well, and you want to make sure that you have pipes in your collection that target men, women, and smokers who like decorative and unique pipes. Glitter pipes fit both of those needs. These pipes come in a big selection of glitter color choices, so be sure to choose a variety for your smoke shop. 

Trend #3: Character Pipes

Finally, consider carrying some character pipes. Look for glass creators who make pipes that look like popular cartoon characters. These cartoon characters could be modern or classic cartoon characters as both categories have a substantial fan base. Additionally, just like with the animal shapes, character-based pipes will appeal to both those just looking for a cool pipe to smoke and those looking to just collect really cool pipes.

Make sure that you fill your smoke shop with cool, engaging, and unique pipes to set your store apart from the competition. The three types of pipes listed in this article will appeal to collectors and practical users alike. Broadening your selection of glass pipes will also bring in more customers and help your business profit overall.